Email Marketing

Promote your brand through latest technology

Email marketing services at CrazyCyber Tech provides expert planning, targeting and implementation of high volume product promotion campaigns. With our robust, capable and fine tuning online tools, you can target your audience with an impressive massage, leading to the amazing and productive results. So don’t waste your time anywhere and come to us to avail the best services at a reasonable cost. We execute your complete product promotion campaign cycle with the help of an easy to use interface.

The solutions we offer:

We have a powerful and efficient application for this purpose, designed in order to carry out your various needs. Its well featured, managed solution to connect and maintain nonstop communication with the customers.

Key features of our services

  • Industry focused solutions are one of the biggest reasons behind our reputation. We are always updated with outstanding practices and latest technology. Our robust system guarantees competent products of our servers for all our valued users.
  • We offer subscription management by assuring  CAN spam compliance, custom tailored URL for updating user’s choices and automatic unsubscribe link is attached at the bottom of each online post.
  • We manage message scheduling by taking care of your convenience while scheduling your campaigns. Now schedule it as per your comfort and date of delivery and get delivery reports, notifications just after the delivery of your message into your subscriber’s Inbox.
  • We focus on campaign tracking. It’s a necessity for those customers who want to know the exact status of their online post which has been sent for the product promotion. Tracking plays a vital role in such conditions. We offer you real-time tracking and reporting within a few minutes. You can evaluate the number of delivered mails, bounced addresses and their exact causes etc.
  • Bounce back management is a major part of  email marketing campaign, which is one of the biggest causes of your concern. Now if you wish, you could know the exact reasons of bounce and get the exact details of whose email addressed bounced in order to decide if you permanently want to remove them from your list or make another attempt to communicate with the targeted recipient.

How we track:

Get to know exactly when and what is happening with your campaign with our robust reporting tools;

  • Open rate track
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Bounced message tracking

In short, get targeted and effectivemarketing with out assistance.

We provide full featured, scalable bulk Email marketing management service, planning related tools, targeting and implementing high volume online massage product promotion campaigns. Some of the major features are:

  • Management of contact list
  • Creating text Based mail messages
  • Proper Scheduling of Message Delivery
  • Management of the subscriptions