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Who We Are

Crazy Cyber Tech is a complete Internet Marketing Agency with more than 500 members across the 6 branches and have offices in New Delhi, Banglore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, India. We have curved a niche in providing our client with a focused and a result driven online marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses all across the world.

Our Mission

Every Business has Mission and we are no exception. Our mission is as an organization is to help our Clients.

  • By providing a holistic and creative method of Internet marketing
  • Provide a transparent result driven solution to promote customer loyalty, and
  • Finally to add a tailor-made and quantifiable value to the business objective to the clients

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in providing integrated online marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses and continually evolve our result driven strategies to meet the definite need of the client.

We plan to fulfill our Vision by having:

  • A Collaborative Environment: that will encourage innovative and collaborative thinking to produce quantifiable online solution for each client separately.
  • A Driven Team: a culture which will inspire people to attain something beyond what is said to be possible.

Core Values

We have a strong core value that bleed into each aspect of the business and offer a strong foundation for attitude, behavior and excellent decision making. These strong core values characterize our culture and project an approach and attitude which is necessary for a successful Internet marketing and achieve goals.

  • Everybody Has an Opinion: We believe in transparency and all the team members irrespective of position or rank. We encourage everyone to provide an insight.
  • Teamwork: We work as a TEAM, with collaboration and mutual respect. Everyone is ready to offer support to the other to achieve a common goal.
  • Attention to Detail: Our TEAM has a focused alertness, always make sure that we pay enough attention to the details and make sure that we make even smallest task perfect.
  • Excellence: We aim for excellence while remaining focused on our Vision and Values.
  • Growth: We always focus on personal development, team growth and the company at large.

What We Do

We are here to design, implement and manage online strategies to make your business do well. Our objective is to create an exciting and interactive experience which will compliment your brand and boost your online marketing strategies. This is an industry which is increasingly fluid and we strive hard to produce a paradigm shift between the clients and us. To make these relationships strong we need a huge amount of online media experience with a sound understanding of the client behavior. Our knowledge of the digital world will help you in conveying your message to your target.

Who We Do It For

WebSpiderWatch is blessed with great clients who come from a variety of industries and different geographic locations. Some of the industries we worked on include consumer electronics, technology, retail, education, health and wellness, medical and pharmaceutical, governmental, entertainment and military. We have also worked on travel, media, non-profitable organizations, fitness, finance and cosmetology.

We have successfully met the SEO and PPC needs of the clients. We also specialize in providing enterprise Internet marketing services for small to medium sized businesses.

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Lead Team Members

Shailendra Singh, CEO


Vijay Sharma, Operation Director
Ashish, Web Designing and Development Director
Darshan Mehta, Business Development Director
Tania Mukherjee, Creative and Usability Director